Homeowners Association Management Services

Property management services for HOAs, boards and homeowners.

Since 1987, Trident has been providing comprehensive property management services to homeowners associations. Trident is not an “our way or no way” company. Our services provide an efficient and creative means of relieving the tedious, often politically charged responsibility of managing a homeowners association.

As property management professionals, we apply experience gained from managing rental properties (both residential and commercial) to the unique challenges of HOAs. Our goal is not necessarily to change, but to improve the management of your community.

HOAs can use Trident for any/all of the following:

Property Maintenance

  • We keep your property exceptionally well maintained.
  • We pay attention to every detail – the landscaping, entryways, common areas, interiors and exteriors.
  • To help your homeowners maintain the value of their property, it’s imperative that common area cleaning and gardening be performed regularly. We can provide a range of services depending on your association’s needs and budget. In addition, we will evaluate any existing cleaning and gardening services and provide recommendations.
  • We obtain competitive bids and will not schedule any work until approved by the HOA’s Board.
  • We also assist associations in soliciting bids for large projects. When a contract is awarded, we work closely with the project supervisor to help ensure the work is completed according to the contract.

Corporate Governance

  • We appreciate that volunteers, including board members, are the most valuable resources a homeowners association has. We support the Boards we represent and help them address the issues specific to their community.
  • We understand your needs to (a) manage your association within budget; (b) keep your residents satisfied and informed; and (c) effectively govern your community.
  • In addition to managing the community living environment, we attend board and membership meetings.
  • We enforce governing documents and administer voting procedures.

Board Representation

  • We keep the HOA board apprised of the latest homeowner association laws.
  • We prepare the board meeting agendas (with the board’s input), prepare and provide board meeting materials, notify association members of meetings and take minutes of all meetings.


  • We prepare monthly financial packages. Trident prepares and presents the proposed annual budget to the HOA board and works closely with the association’s CPA and reserve specialist to prepare the required annual disclosures.
  • We prepare all information necessary for the end-of-year financial review and filing of taxes by the association’s CPA. Our comprehensive financial package will keep you up to date on all activities related to your property.

Homeowner Dues

  • We collect all fees from homeowners, providing coupon payment books for homeowners to mail in their fees directly to the bank.
  • Reserve funds are transferred directly to an interest-bearing savings account or reserve account.
  • We also pay all HOA bills and we provide the board with a comprehensive financial report.

Improvement Project Management

  • At Trident, we monitor every facet of improvement projects.
  • We request proposals from local professionals, many of which we have been doing business with for many years.
  • Once the board decides to make an investment, Trident will oversee every aspect of job development – from signed contract to project completion. This work is performed in conjunction with the board’s appointed project supervisor.

Management Transitions

  • As part of the transition to Trident Property Management, we will identify your community-specific needs and evaluate the proficiency with which they are being met.
  • Input from board and community members is invaluable in helping us to determine the requirements, expectations and overall satisfaction level of the community.
  • We examine existing procedures and use our expertise to pinpoint areas that need modification.
  • We also recognize existing procedures that are working well and leave those in place.


  • Some associations directly employ personnel and Trident recognizes the value they bring. Since they are already familiar with your property’s specific needs, your existing staff members can make the transition to Trident smoother.
  • We take an objective look at each individual’s performance and potential.
  • We try to avoid staff reductions, carefully weighing budget allowances and the need for adequate personnel to carry out the responsibilities of managing your community.