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  • I wish to express my great satisfication, working primarily with Belinda Whitten, as my property manager, for my 4-plex property that has been sold. I had Trident as my property management company for 12 years and never did I consider using another property management company during that time. This was due to how good the service and communication has been for this property. (I live out of the area & this was essential) This property was the equivalent of managinging four houses in one location due to its large size. This required more work and management by Belinda Whitten and when there were issues, she worked hard to resolve them quickly. The office staff need to be complimented also, because there was more bookkeeping required for a property such as this, and there was no issue with operating or owners statements. I would always receive them, in a timely manner.
    Ron DiBartolomeo
  • As tenants in a property managed by Trident for about 8 years, I can say with no qualms that they are quick to solve any issues that arise with a level of professionalism that has been unmatched in all my years of renting. Trident Property Management is a by-the-book business that protects both owners and tenants. It can be a burden to qualify and their rules can be strict, but there is comfort in knowing that your neighbors are just as vetted as you were. There’s a reason they have been successful and I have stayed for so long; Trident is efficient and professional. I truly appreciate their service.
    Nicole Starlin
  • I have been using the services of Trident Property Management for about 15 years now. They manage several single family and a multifamily property for me. I was originally referred to them by one of their competitors as the best property management firm in the greater Yuba area. I believe they have lived up to that reputation. I never have to worry about anything using their services. They staff is very friendly and professional. Vacancies are promptly filled. My average vacancy factor for the last four years is 1.8%. The maintenance staff is capable of and promptly handles most maintenance issues. I receive timely financial statements each month and if I have a question it is always answered promptly. I own property in a different area also and have not been able to find a firm that is as competent as Trident Property Management. I wholeheartedly recommend Trident for your property management needs.
    Vince Pellerin
  • I own a multi-unit apartment complex in Wheatland and I have been a Trident client for over 15 years now. I once lived locally, but I moved to Los Angeles 6 years ago. Since I live 500 miles from my property, I must have 100% confidence in my property manager. Linda Larcom and all of the trident support staff are always responsive and reliable, and I am completely confident that my tenants and I are in good hands!
    Dan Bach