Maintenance Services

Trident’s maintenance pros ensure your investment gets TLC.

Proper maintenance plays a key role in the desirability of your property to tenants as well as its value as an investment. The quality and availability of a maintenance crew can be a deciding factor when it’s time to sign or renew a lease.


Trident deals with maintenance issues on a daily basis. We know how much repairs should cost and how long they should take to complete. Trident can provide in-house staff to handle maintenance issues for you as soon as they arise, or we can be available on an hourly, as-needed basis. Either way, the professionalism of our staff reflects positively on you as the property owner.

Emergency Maintenance

A Trident maintenance technician is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, to respond to emergencies. In emergency situations, an appropriate maintenance technician or outside vendor will be dispatched as needed.

Routine Repairs

Trident’s maintenance department can handle most repairs, including routine carpentry work, electrical repairs, locksmith repairs or plumbing problems.

Contracted Work

We obtain bids from outside vendors for the following work: pest control, roof replacement, paving, and large reconstruction or remodeling work.

We have working relationships with experts in every field of building maintenance. We always use highly qualified, skilled, and licensed vendors to get the job done.